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Net Cage Necklaces

Net Cage Necklace

Can be used with Tumbled Stones or other Crystals -It Can fit approxx 5 to 7cm long x 1.8cm cm Wide Crystals -Total Lenght of Necklace 50 to 56cm approx -When you wear you can adjust length of necklace -Change crystal you like at any time! For example , today RoseQuartz , nextday Clear Quartz

NOTE: Does Not Include Crystal Necklace Cord only

Adjustable net cage necklace where you can adjust the length and change the crystal at any time you like! Simply Gems has an elegant range of cage necklace for crystals with Tumbled Stones. Get awesome collection of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz crystals to wear and move in style for parties and events.

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